Current conditions Washington

Date and time:2018-04-25 - 12:46
Visibility:0 miles
Wind:NNW - 9 mph
Air pressure:29.74 inch

Observed weather conditions for Washington

hourWeather Temp.Air pressureWind
11:52Mist and FogMist and Fog62°F29.74 inchN - 7 mph
11:17Light RainLight Rain61°F29.77 inchN - 6 mph
10:52Mist and FogMist and Fog60°F29.77 inchNNE - 4 mph
10:47Mist and FogMist and Fog61°F29.77 inchNE - 6 mph
09:52Mist and FogMist and Fog60°F29.74 inchNNE - 7 mph
09:09Light RainLight Rain58°F29.77 inchNNE - 8 mph
08:52Light RainLight Rain58°F29.77 inchNNE - 9 mph
08:44RainRain58°F29.8 inchNNE - 9 mph
07:52Light DrizzleLight Drizzle58°F29.77 inchNNE - 8 mph
06:55Light DrizzleLight Drizzle57°F29.8 inchNNE - 8 mph
06:52Light DrizzleLight Drizzle57°F29.8 inchNNE - 6 mph

Current weather map United States

Current conditions United States

City WeatherTemp.Hour
PhiladelphiaLight RainLight Rain55°F04:54
MiamiMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy85°F13:53
Salt Lake CityMostly SunnyMostly Sunny65°F12:54
MinneapolisPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy55°F12:53
AustinMostly ClearMostly Clear48°F06:53